A Brief Description of the College

The College of Education for Women has a high scientific status. It is one of the academic milestones of the human and scientific departments at the University of Tikrit. It is located in the center of Tikrit outside the campus and includes two sites, one of which includes the scientific and other departments of the humanitarian departments.


Its foundation coincided with the foundation of the University of Tikrit in 1987. It is the nucleus of the University of Tikrit. It is the oldest scientific institution among its peers and has been called the "Mother College". It has become a milestone for achieving the objectives and the plans of higher education. In addition to the preparation of researchers specialized in scientific and humanitarian fields and various specialties of the ten departments to become an important resource for the preparation of national scientific staff capable of making the scientific research and serving the community and the Arab Homeland.

Since its foundation, the College of Education for Women has played a major role in the creation of scientific and educational staff and is still continuing to provide them with the great support it has had since its establishment. The role of specialized professors in all scientific, human and educational sciences is to produce highly qualified generations within the central acceptance of graduate students from the preparatory school with their scientific and literary branches.


The establishment of this college was a dream and the great hope for many families of the province that it was difficult to send their daughters to other universities away from the province (Baghdad, Mosul and Basra) because of the costs and difficulty of housing in the dormitory and traditions and conservative traditions. Accordingly, the first seed in Saladdin province was planted in 1987 and continues to give and progress and develop to graduate generations of women who bear the responsibility of education in all schools in the province and the provinces of Iraq and the State departments. The first brick was established in 1988 as the first stage of study in the college including the departments of Arabic, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. In 1994, the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences was established. In 1996, the Department of History was established. In 1997, the Department of Qur’anic Sciences was established. In 2013, the Department of Home Economics was established. In addition, in 2016, the Geography Department was established to make the College currently comprising 10 scientific and humanitarian departments. There is an ambition to open other sections in the future.

After the destruction of the college building, it was reconstructed in August 2015. From the principle of loyalty, after three decades of the foundation of the college, and for the purpose of historical documentation, we would like to present this modest effort in this small booklet, in addition to the College guide which was prepared in 2010-2011 as a reference.


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